Motor drive 4773


Powerful 24 V DC motor with two worm gears and a planetary gear.
High reduction ratio makes precise control and position setting possible.

Special features

  • Compact, precise gears for sophisticated position adjustment
  • High reduction ratio
  • High drive torque
  • Two integrated Hall sensors for measurement of the revolutions
    and direction of rotation
  • Low noise
Model 4773.00-0002
Motor DC motor 18 V
Sensor/Power supply Hall/5 V DC/0.3 A
Protection class IP30
Duty cycle idle speed 20% (at 5 min.)
Idle running speed 1 rpm (24 V), 1.5 rpm (32 V)
Max. drive torque* 40 Nm
Input bore hole with keyway

* Load determined for service life of 10,000 double strokes