Application Area Ergonomics Home & Care

Manual or electric drive for ergonomics and comfort at home and in the care sector

Height-adjustable worktops combine ergonomics and comfort

Whether in the home office, in the workshop, in the living room or in the kitchen - there are tables and worktops everywhere in the house. For healthy and body-friendly work, the right height is crucial here. With a drive solution from Ketterer, a rigid work surface becomes an ergonomic work platform that can be flexibly adapted to your task and the user. Height, but also inclination and position can be adjusted easily and quietly - electrically using a hand switch or mechanically using a crank, according to personal preferences. Not only seniors and people with restricted mobility benefit from this flexibility. Groups of people who use work areas together also appreciate the ability to adjust work surfaces individually.

Manually and electrically adjustable worktops combine ergonomics and comfort

Furniture and furnishings - electrically adjustable - for more comfort at home

With a drive solution from Ketterer, not only work surfaces can be moved. There are possibilities for application in all rooms of a modern home.

The intelligent kitchen of tomorrow

In the kitchen, an electric drive with worm gear ensures that the cooker hood extends and retracts. Cabinets and shelves can be adjusted and moved in all directions with a Ketterer spindle drive.

Handicapped accessible bathroom

In the bathroom there is a bathtub suitable for the disabled. An electric drive opens the side entry. Thanks to a drive solution from Ketterer, the sink and toilet can be electrically adjusted in height, which is a huge relief, especially for people with limited mobility.

Ketterer drive solutions for the kitchen
Ketterer drive solutions for the bathroom

Ergonomics in the living room and bedroom

In the living room, a compact lift unit brings out the hidden television, while a motor drive and a spindle unit bring the head and leg rests of the television chair into the correct position and tilt the backrest.

The "feel-good bed" is already waiting in the bedroom. An electric drive ensures a relaxed posture in the area of the backrest and legrest of the slatted frame.

Ketterer drive solutions for the living room
Ketterer drive solutions for the bedroom

Ergonomically mobile

An electric drive from Ketterer can also help to make life a little more ergonomic outside of your own four walls. Deflection gears and motor drives are installed in wheelchairs, which help to adjust the height of the seat and bring the leg and back rests into the desired position.

In a Segway operated while seated, an electric drive ensures that the parking supports, in which a Ketterer worm gear is installed, are retracted and extended. This guarantees easy and safe parking.

BLDC wheel hub drives from Ketterer move e-scooters, electric wheelchairs and other electric light vehicles without disturbing vibrations and noises.

Ketterer drive solutions for mobility

Use well-tried components

The standardized components and drives from Ketterer can be combined to form a complex, individual drive solution. This creates new products for the “Home & Care” application area without having to reinvent the wheel every time. Even in the event of deviations from the tried and tested standard, the designer will always find an open ear for his concerns among the specialists in the family-run company Ketterer.

VepaDrentea's home office solution

With this product, our customer VepaDrentea has met the ravages of time: With a width of 105 cm and a depth of 30 cm, HomeFit© is no bigger than a shoe cabinet or large suitcase and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into any living room. Our bevel gear 3039 is used here in connection with our 24V DC motor drive 3143.

Ketterer Drives at the interzum 2019

The Interzum is the world's leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. Ketterer Drives was represented with a booth in Cologne in 2019.

Ketterer TV lift / lift unit flat screen

Screen lifting unit Ket Screen Lift Large 4701 - inexpensive, compact TV lift for screens up to 50 "and weights up to 70 kg

German version

Electric drive for bed and slatted frame

Electric drive 4643 with spindle for height adjustment of the head and foot sections of the bed, slatted frame and armchair

German version