Short-stroke linear drive replaces pneumatic cylinders – „KuLi“ from Ketterer & halstrup-walcher

Compact, fast, electrically operated

Short-stroke linear drive replaces pneumatic cylinders – „KuLi“ from Ketterer & halstrup-walcher

The new short-stroke linear drive "KuLi" from Ketterer and halstrup-walcher is characterized by high dynamics and a large stroke with a compact size. Thanks to the integrated electronics, the drive can be parameterized specifically for the customer. The compact design enables flexible and easy integration into existing systems where space is limited. The "KuLi" is also a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic cylinders where only occasional linear movements are required and a complex pneumatic infrastructure is to be avoided. When considering the entire product life cycle, the electric cylinders are significantly cheaper.

The new electrically operated linear drive is extremely compact and highly dynamic. With a length of 82 mm the stroke is 40 mm, which can be traversed in less than 100 milliseconds. The standard version of the "KuLi" offers thrust forces of up to 300 N. Depending on the task, it is possible to select the stroke speed, stroke force, stroke length and mechanical connection to suit the application.

For use in automation and conveying technology

The drive is especially suitable for use in automation and conveying technology as well as in the construction of special machines, where the use of pneumatic cylinders has been widespread until now. Unlike the latter, the "KuLi" short-stroke linear drive doesn't require sealing and throttling equipment to achieve uniform plunger speeds. In addition, all auxiliary components required for pneumatic cylinders such as hoses, valves, compressed air tanks and silencers are dispensed with.  

Save costs with the short-stroke linear drive

The short-stroke linear drive is thus considerably less expensive. A company achieves the greatest saving with the use of short-stroke linear drives when it dispenses with the entire compressed air system through the conversion. Further cost benefits: The drive from Ketterer and halstrup-walcher is maintenance-free, so expensive service work like that required with pneumatic cylinders is not necessary.

Linear drive is far superior to pneumatic cylinders

The linear drive is also superior to pneumatic alternatives when it comes to handling. Speed and force can be adjusted to suit the application requirements. The "KuLi" can be controlled with a computer via a parameterization adapter with USB interface. The focus is on simple handling here. The software has a particularly user-friendly interface that can be used without programming skills.

Rotary movement becomes linear movement

A further benefit of the "KuLi" is the new technology with which the rotary movement of the motor is translated into a linear movement via a smooth shaft. This enables very good sealing of the shaft against the motor.

Speed, force and length of the linear drive can be individually adjusted

The short-stroke linear drive "Kuli" is available in different variants. The mechanical connection as well as the plug position can be selected to suit the application. Stroke speed, stroke force and stroke length are individually adjustable.

Short-stroke linear drive Kuli (retracted)
Short-stroke linear drive Kuli (extended)

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