High-quality threaded spindles for demanding industrial applications

Where robustness meets the finest mechanics

High-quality threaded spindles for demanding industrial applications

Many of our customers may not know it, but in addition to our core competence - the development of innovative, tailor-made drive solutions - we specialize in the production of lead screws. As experienced thread rolling experts, we use state-of-the-art machinery and extensive know-how to manufacture these precise components, which are used both in our own products and in external applications. Our reputation as a reliable, technically skilled partner extends far beyond the borders of Europe, backed by our exceptional customer service and commitment to quality.

The advantages of our lead screws

The advantages of our threaded spindles speak for themselves: thread rolling produces threads of exceptional quality. The optimized grain flow significantly increases the fatigue strength, while work hardening results in a considerable increase in strength. The smooth, mirror-like surfaces of our rolled threads are not only a visual highlight, but also contribute to material efficiency - with savings of up to 20% compared to traditionally produced threads.

Diverse product range

Our product range is diverse: from trapezoidal threaded spindles and custom-made products to metric spindles, which are ideal for feed movements as well as clamping and positioning tasks. Our spindles, available in diameters from 8 to 100 mm and pitches from 1 to 80 mm, are manufactured from high-quality materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum - and in various speeds and directions of rotation to suit your requirements.

Customized solutions for your projects

Because we understand that no two projects are the same, we attach great importance to customer-specific solutions. Your individual requirements and drawings are the basis for customized end machining of our threaded spindles. Matching spindle nuts, perfectly coordinated with our spindle program, round off our range.

At Ketterer, it's not just about products, but about solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Let us work together to turn your visions into reality.

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