Vision & Mission of Ketterer Drives

The executive board and management team at B. Ketterer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG are working continuously towards shaping the future of B. Ketterer GmbH & Co. KG in order to properly equip the company for the challenges of the upcoming years and ensure it remains successful in the market.

A vision and mission statement has been developed with this goal in mind, which will form the foundation for the strategic corporate goals and their implementation.


B. Ketterer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in drive solutions that provide ergonomics, comfort and automation in our clients' products.

Vision & Mission of Ketterer Drives

Mission statement

The mission statement enables the executive board to describe the principles and values that form the basis of daily operations. The mission statement is a commitment which underlies the economic precept of the corporate management, whose significance is absorbed by clients, employees and suppliers and how leadership is performed.

Growth with gain

In order to secure the existence of our company in the long term, we strive towards sustainable economic success. This means that we offer our clients security of investment and provide our employees and their families with a secure job.


We create a competitive advantage for our clients, which is the result of joint developments and tailor-made solutions. The client's trust in our products and services is the focal point of our operation. The needs and requirements of our clients form the bedrock for our innovations.


Our employees are the critical factor for success within our company. We provide them with challenging tasks and the opportunity to develop on a personal level. In return, we expect initiative, willingness to learn and an independent approach, all of which we actively encourage. We always work together as part of a team in a respectful and target-oriented manner.


It is our goal to maintain long-lasting and collaborative supplier relationships. We are developing further together with our suppliers and always strive to achieve a win-win situation.


Managers lead by example and generate the motivational framework conditions for working in a target-oriented and independent manner based on mutual trust. We value the civic commitment displayed by our management. Good managers are also always good citizens and are able to fulfill both roles.

Social aspects, society and environment

We offer preconditions that make working and living in Furtwangen an attractive prospect. We are an 'attractive employer'. We value civic commitment. Our operation is shaped by our sense of responsibility for the environment.