Drive solutions from Ketterer Drives - as individual as your application

For a quarter of a century, we have been offering customized drive solutions for office and workplace workstations, as well as for shading systems and building technology. Through our tradition of innovation, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a specialist and problem-solver in the field of driverless transport systems (AGVS) as well as in conveyor technology and in plant and mechanical engineering.

Ergonomics Professional

Innovative drive solutions for height-adjustable work desks used in offices, workshops, and laboratories, for school furniture and other applications

Ergonomics Home & Care

Innovative solutions for applications used in healthcare, nursing, rehabilitation and care services, as well as for home and kitchen furniture

Building Drives

Innovative drive solutions for sun shading systems used in buildings and open spaces, as well as for windows, doors, gates, and movable partitions

Industrial Drives

Innovative drive solutions for warehouse and transport logistics, for plant and machine construction as well as for driverless transport systems (AGVs)

Product news

The new brushless DC wheel hub motor series i-Wheel 3213

Our new i-Wheel 3213 series includes three wheel hub motors that have been specially developed for use in automated guided vehicles (AGV). They are designed as direct drives that are completely integrated in the hub and therefore need neither an additional gearbox nor an extra wheel. Thanks to the extremely flat design paired with high power density, the wheel hub drives can also be installed in applications with very tight installation spaces.

The new brushless DC wheel hub motor series i-Wheel 3213
The Short-stroke linear drive "KuLi" replaces pneumatic cylinders

From the idea to series production

The perfect interplay of drive technology, thread technology, gear technology and BLDC technology

The prerequisite for the development of our drive solutions lies in our core competencies:

The machine-technical heart of our production are computer-controlled machining centers, CNC lathes, thread rolling machines and gear machines of the latest generation. We manufacture the individual parts of our customer-specific drive solutions ourselves on the basis of our own CAD designs. Ketterer's know-how is in the design and manufacture of threaded spindles, gear wheels, bevel and worm gears, linear drives and geared motors, as well as of BLDC motors.

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100% Made in Black Forest

We are Furtwanger - and where we live, that's where we produce!

The spirit of innovation, precision and a love for the environment have become our very own company tradition since it was founded by Benedikt Ketterer in 1832. Where everything began with the early Black Forest precision mechanics, we are still developing and producing today as a family-run global player. And that with excellent quality management and committed employees.

Product news

Ketterer's “Ket-Rob” – The new modular drive platform without gears for your AGV and AGC system

“Ket-Rob” ist Ketterer's latest development. The modular drive platform forms the basis for your customer-specific AGV / AGC system and can be adapted quickly and flexibly to your requirements in practice. “Ket-Rob” helps to save both resources and many development steps along the way to an innovative AGV / AGC system. 

Ketterer's “Ket-Rob” – The new modular drive platform without gears for your AGV and AGC system

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