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Dynamic drive solutions for the requirements in conveying technology, logistics and automation of tomorrow

Equipped for Industry 4.0 with Ketterer's BLDC technology

In the age of Industry 4.0, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automated Guided Carts (AGC) have become indispensable part of modern logistics. The possible applications are as diverse as the tasks that an AGV and AGC can take on. In hospitals, they are among the most important transport solutions due to their efficiency and safety. AGVs and AGCs have also revolutionized the intralogistics sector - they optimize material flows and thus the entire value chain.

The i-Wheel series 3213: Innovative BLDC wheel hub motors for use in an AGV or AGC

Ketterer has developed a series of wheel hub motors designed as direct drives especially for use in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automated Guided Carts (AGC). They are designed as direct drives that are completely integrated in the hub and therefore need neither an additional gearbox nor an extra wheel. The extremely compact, efficient wheel hub motors score not only in terms of space requirements and power density, but also thanks to the fact it is maintenance-free and has a service life many times longer than systems equipped with a gearbox.

The i-Wheel series 3213 consists of three high-performance wheel hub motors that can achieve torques of up to 34 Nm and speeds of up to 27 km/h and thus offer an optimalmodular solution for electric transportation vehicles in terms of their efficiency and individual scalability.

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The i-Wheel series 3213: Innovative BLDC wheel hub motors for use in AGVs and AGCs

Ket-Rob: The modular basis for an AGV or AGC

With Ket-Rob, Ketterer has created a modular drive platform that can be quickly and flexibly adapted to individual requirements in practice. This saves many steps and resources in the development of an innovative AGV or AGC. 

Ket-Rob is driven by gearless BLDC wheel hub drives with a maximum power of 210 W each (maximum 5.4 Nm). Wheel hub motors up to a maximum of 34 Nm can be used for customer-specific heavy-duty solutions. This makes a design without gears possible and reduces the number of wear parts. The installation space saved is thus available for the transport tasks. 

With Ket-Rob as basis, project managers have more time when developing an AGV or AGC to concentrate on the complex part of the work - their own application and idea, including programming and coordination of the necessary control systems.

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Ket-Rob: The modular basis for an AGV or AGC

Automated production for more efficiency and productivity

Automation leads to more efficiency and productivity and is therefore an indispensable part of modern machine and plant engineering. High-quality drives and motors are an integral part of these machines and systems.

KuLi: The linear drive replaces pneumatic cylinders

The short-stroke linear drive KuLi scores with high dynamics and maximum stroke. Thanks to its compact design, it can be flexibly and easily integrated into existing systems, even if only limited space is available. In applications where you want to avoid a complex pneumatic infrastructure and only occasionally need linear movements, the KuLi is - if you consider the entire product life cycle - a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic cylinders. 

The linear drive can be used primarily in the areas of automation and conveying technology as well as in special machine construction, where pneumatic cylinders have been widely used up to now.

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KuLi: The linear drive replaces pneumatic cylinders

Ket-Bee: Angular gear with high power density in a small installation space

The leg length of the smallest version of Ketterer's angular gear Ket-Bee is shorter than a match. It is available in seven sizes and with leg lengths from 32 mm to 60 mm. The angular gear consists of surface-hardened steel bevel gears and high-quality ball bearings in the input and output. The use of high-quality materials enables a long service life and high power density. 

Ket-Bee can be used for deflecting linear movements as well as for swiveling movements. Areas of application can be found in plant construction, in handling systems for driving conveyor belts or swivel arms, as well as for adjusting positioning units and palletizing systems. The angular gear can also be used to adjust slats and other shading elements.

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Ket-Bee: Winkelgetriebe mit hoher Leistungsdichte auf kleinem Bauraum