t-Rex 3200 I-44-47-L21 S2 (short version, focus rotational speed)


14-pole BLDC motor with high-performance neodymium magnets and three digital Hall sensors to detect the rotor position. The electrical connections are designed as a plug-in system. Additional power electronics are required to operate the motor. Motor design with a hollow shaft is also available upon request. This allows the cables to run through the motor or the implementation of output on both sides.

Special features

  • Designed with focus on rotational speed
  • Enormous performance density – 3 times stronger than motors of comparable size
  • High overload resistance
  • Ideally suited as direct drive, or generator for gearless applications
  • Special winding upon request
  • Design and manufacture of motor to specified operating point is possible
t-Rex 3200-I-44-47 L21 S2 DH 3200.00-3002
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Rated voltage 24 VDC 36 VDC
Rated current 3.4 A 2.4 A
Rated torque 0.1 Nm 0.05 Nm
Rated speed 4600 rpm 7400 rpm
Shaft power (output) 48 W 38 W
Max. efficiency 65 % 71 %
Idle speed 5168 rpm 7778 rpm
No-load current 1.2 A 1.3 A
Stall torque 1.1 Nm 0.9 Nm
Starting current at idle speed 24 A 18 A
Torque constant 0.047 Nm/A 0.05 Nm/A
Speed constant 215 rpm/V 216 rpm/V


Motor parameters  
Terminal resistance (phase to phase) 0.29 Ohm
Terminal inductance (phase to phase) 171 mH
Rotor inertia 9.5 kg* mm²
Number of poles 14
Interconnection of the motor Star
Number of coils per phase 2
Interconnection of coils 2 Series
Direction of rotation bidirectional