Special Gear Mechanism for large Umbrella Bars

Flexible solutions for large umbrellas

Increasingly, so-called “umbrella bars” are being deployed on beaches or in ski resorts as Après Ski venues. As well as providing a large area for advertising, these mobile and comfortable bars offer excellent protection against the elements. The large-format umbrellas however, are difficult to operate as they can only achieve the necessary stability through the use of heavy and solid components.

Ketterer has developed a gearing system for these large umbrellas, which does away completely with the difficult work involved in opening and closing them. An electrically driven spindle unit is integrated in the central tubing system of the umbrella. This drive is designed to withstand large drag and pressure forces. The maintenance-free drive unit can open and close the large umbrella quickly and safely, at the press of a button. The self-locking property makes sure that the umbrella structure is held securely, whether open or closed.

This drive unit combines the ease of operation of an electrical drive with safe manual operation in emergencies. Functional and convenient. See for yourself and contact us for more information.