Special Drive Unit for Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters – shading systems for modern architecture

Well thought-out shading systems which offer shade where it’s needed and block sunlight in a controlled manner are part and parcel of modern architecture. Individually adjustable sliding shutters offer flexible shapes and designs, as a result of which they are increasingly being used in both private homes and modern office buildings.

Ketterer has developed a special drive unit with integrated distance measuring system so that the sliding shutters can move systematically and accurately in the various versions available. Three different gear reductions enable the drive unit to adapt flexibly to the job in hand. Thanks to the compact design, the drive units can be simply integrated in the sliding doors’ guide rails. Lifetime lubrication ensures safe and maintenance-free operation.

Ketterer has perfectly combined design and functionality in this drive unit. The small and space-saving drive can be integrated into spaces requiring compact, low-noise and powerful drive solutions. Contact us and see for yourself!