Special Drive for Blind Systems

Modern Architecture - Special Motor-Drive Unit for Blinds Systems

Modern, energy-efficient architecture also needs sophisticated blinds systems that shade rooms individually and block the sunlight in a methodical manner. On a building with a large glass front, the individual slats can be anything up to six meters in length.

Ketterer has developed a special motor-drive unit in order to move them selectively and precisely. The units are located at each end of a large-scale blind. They actuate a specially designed shaft with a very high pitch with which the slat can be moved into any position desired. Both motors are electronically coupled so that they move synchronously. The drive units are protected from the elements by special seals and rustproof materials. A lifetime lubrication guarantees secure and maintenancefree operation.

These Ketterer drives can be employed in tough environments to perform powerful and precise movements. The system is rounded off with special threaded spindles. See for yourself!