Positioning Systems

Versatile solutions for positioning systems

Positioning systems of all sizes and designs can be found in many areas of our day-to-day life. In industry, for assembly and SMD systems or in the consumer area, in the shape of confectionery vending machines. In all cases, dynamics, high levels of accuracy and flexibility are called for.

Ketterer offers innovative positioning system solutions for applications such as confectionery vending machines. Several linear axes travelling dynamically in different directions transport the goods accurately and safely to their destination.

High flexibility is guaranteed through the selection of the drive spindle. This allows speed and lift to be adjusted exactly to meet the particular requirement. The compact construction of the system is another advantage. It can be integrated very easily into a small space.

With this positioning unit, Ketterer offers you a flexible and accurate solution with an optimum cost-to-benefit ratio. See for yourself and contact us for more information.