Motor drive 3133.48


Compact 24 V DC motor with worm gear and through going hexagon
socket. Although the drive was developed for ergonomic table applications, it can be used in many other fi elds. A cable with AMP plug and an integrated Hall sensor allows easy and secure control of the entire system.

Special features

  • Two integrated Hall sensors for measurement of the revolutions and direction of rotation
  • Through going hexagon socket in wrench widths 6 mm and 9 mm
  • High torque with minimum construction size
  • Good self-locking properties
  • Low noise
  • 100 mm motor cable with connector included
  • Can be combined with all Ketterer spindle systems

Variant key

The variants are formed by the diff erent wrench widths.

Technical notes

  • The drive working range (nominal torque) is determined for a service life of 10,000 double strokes.
  • Through the controller* the system is regulated such that the speed in the entire work area position of the drive is kept as constant as possible.
  • By using a controller with a short-circuit brake the holding torque position of the drive can be increased.

* In combination with LogicData control box Compact-3

Model 3133.48-0009 3133.48-0016
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Motor DC Motor 24 V DC Motor 24 V
Sensor/Power supply Hall/5 V DC/0.3 A Hall/5 V DC/0.3 A
Protection class IP30 IP30
Duty cycle idle speed 20% (at 5 min.) 20% (at 5 min.)
Idle running speed 100 rpm (24 V) 100 rpm (24 V)
Rated torque* 5 Nm 5 Nm
Duty cycle nominal load 20 s ON/ 240 s OFF 20 s ON/ 240 s OFF
Short term peak torque (<1sec) 8 Nm 8 Nm
Input hex 9 mm hex 6 mm

* Load determined for service life of 10,000 double strokes