Ket Screen Lift S 4701


Our TV lift allows you to determine when your screen should be visible – quickly and quietly at the press of a button. Perfectly integrated in furniture, interior walls or ceilings, flat screens or monitors remain concealed until you need them. Whether in the field of education, for business or personal use Ket-Screen convinces with its stability, ultra compactness and high-quality workmanship. 

For monitors up to 24‘‘ (screen diagonal 60 cm) and weights up to 25 kg.

Special features

  • High lifting speed
  • Simple installation for different assembly situations
  • Can be supplied with any stroke up to 750 mm
  • Very low noise level allows applications in noise sensitive areas
  • With integrated motor cable (1.2 m), see also pin assignment

Technical notes

  • Safety instructions
    Please take attention to crushing points when installing in a housing.
  • Attention: In case of repair the TV lift unit must always be returned together with the control unit
Ket-Screen Lift Small Standard Short Basic
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Stroke customer specification max. 750 mm customer specification max. 750 mm customer specification max. 750 mm
Retracted length Stroke+219 mm Stroke+157 mm Stroke+215 mm
Maximum load 250 N 250 N 250 N
Maximum screen size 24” 24” 24”
Movement speed 90 mm/s 90 mm/s 90 mm/s
Item number 4701.00-LSX3HXXXX 4701.00-LSX5HXXXX 4701.00-LSX7HXXXX