Monitor Adjustment in Motor Homes

Monitor adjustment by pressing a button

Modern caravans and mobile homes meet all your expectations with regard to comfort and luxury. In particular, television sets have now become a standard feature. Owing to a shortage of space, TV sets must be mounted on special fixing systems that allow you to set the viewing direction or to store them in a space-saving manner.

Ketterer has developed a drive unit with a 12V motor especially for these requirements. Ideally adapted to the incurred tensile and compressive load, the drive is capable of bringing the TV set into the desired position and to fix it there by the simple press of a button. Due to its compact design, the unit fits in nearly all common tube systems and can be adapted to the required design.

This drive unit can be integrated everywhere where space, design and high level of functionality are required. Together with you, we would be pleased to develop the special model for your application. Just contact us.