Low-backlash gear Ket-Motion 2020 DS

with turntable


A low-backlash, maintenance-free worm gear unit for demanding applications in positioning or for high-precision measuring tasks. The housing is encapsulated to prevent the escape of grease and the ingress of dust. The direction of rotation on the shaft is arbitrary.

Special features

  • Maintenance-free grease lubrication 
  • Housing: Aluminium anodized (Zinc housing on customer request)
  • Reduction ratios of 65:1 in standard (Other reduction ratios also possible on request)
  • Backlash:
    < 0.05° (3‘) to MDrive = 0.1 Nm
    < 0.5° (30‘) to MDrive = 1 Nm
  • Duty cycle of 10 % at 5 min (0.5 min ON, 4.5 min OFF)
  • Lifetime of 1,000 hours with:
    • full load and 
    • input speed of 100 rpm and
    • duty cycle 10% with 5 min and
    • ambient temperature 20 °C

Technical notes

  • Variant with turntable: Permissible forces on drive side FA= 1,500 N
  • The positions of the feather keys as standard in variant D are not in line. Possible on enquiry if needed
Item numberReduction ratio iSelf-locking
Max. output- speed
n in min -1
Max. output- torque
M in Nm
Max. drive- torque
M in Ncm
Max. axial load
on drive side in N
Max. axial load
on output side in N
Degree of
efficiency in %
65 : 1 Ja10015600150035

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