Inline spindle drive 3120 Heavy load


Electric motorized spindle drive with matching spindle nut for stepless stroke adjustment with customized stroke height. Thanks to its slim design, it fits easily into narrow guideways and can move loads of up to 250 kg.

Special features

A slender design allows to integrate the complete inline actuator into the tube of a table leg.

  • Slim inline design
  • Integrated position measuring system
  • Spindle nut made of POM-C included
  • Customized spindle length possible
  • Spindle and spindle nut can be modified according to customer specifications (spindle type, material, geometry)

Technical notes

  • Depending on the spindle pitch, the system could back-drive
  • The spindle nut must be screwed directly to the wall of the frame/guide
  • For a safe load support an axial thrust bearing is installed between drive and spindle
  • Suitable motor cable: 3122.53-02

Baureihe 3120.00-1000
Antriebsmotor DC Motor 24 V
Sensor/Versorgung Hall/5 V DC/0.3 A
Schutzart IP30
Einschaltdauer 20% (bei 5 Min.)
Leerlaufdrehzahl 100 rpm (24 V)
150 rpm *
Hub 430 mm
Spindeltyp Tr16x4RH
Max. Hubkraft 2500 N
Max. Antriebsdrehmoment 5 Nm
Verfahrgeschwindigkeit 10 mm/s
Kabel 0.2 m, connector AMP 6 Pin

* in combination with LogicData control box Compact-3
** further types of spindles on request