Fully Automated Window Closing System

Modern architecture – new challenges for drive solutions

Just a few meters from Zurich’s main railway station is one of the most state-of-the-art destinations in the city. This area around the former Löwenbräu brewery known as the Löwenbräu-Areal is nestled below the towering complex of a 70-meter residential high-rise that is exceptionally bold in terms of both form and dimensions.

The modern architecture here called for a completely new kind of window closing system. Rather like a garage door, windows open all the way and are fully automatically raised to be parallel to the ceiling. The idea for this unique closing system presented a great challenge when it came to the technical implementation. With windows of three by three metres in size, the mechanisms need to be able to withstand huge loads. The sophisticated interplay between the lifting and tilting functions was made possible by deploying Ketterer spindle and mechanical transmission solutions. Due to the compact design of Ketterer drives, this window closing system is able to fully accommodate the demands of modern architecture.

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