Drive system for large umbrellas 3062


Electric motor drive system for integration into the telescopic tubing sys- tem, consisting of motor, controller, gear and operating elements. The drivetrain is designed for high push and pull forces and opens/closes the large umbrella effortlessly at the push of a button. The set also includes a hand crank for emergency operation as well as a single-channel remote control. The system can be adapted to the pole tube inner diameter (DXX > 53mm), if required by the customer.

  • Electric motor spindle drive, completely integrable in the pole tube 
  • Transmission ratio of drivetrain, electric drive – spindle i = 1:1 
  • Transmission ratio of drivetrain, crank – spindle i = 1:4 
  • Maintenance-free
  • Flexibly adaptable to the customer needs: 
    • Outer contour (min. 53 mm / max. 73 mm)

Technical notes

  • A rest of 15 minutes is necessary after switch-off due to overheating
  • If installed vertically, it is essential to protect the drive against dripping water from above
  • The hand crank may only be used as an emergency hand crank; the drive must be disconnected from the
    power supply system. The planetary gear of the motor can be damaged if the hand crank is moved too quickly.
  • Attention: Spindle systems with a spindle pitch of > 3 mm are no longer self-locking. Check the self-locking effect in the application!

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x electric motor spindle drive, consisting of motor incl. controller and gear
  • 1 x emergency hand crank with integrated ejection mechanism
  • 1 x single-channel remote control

Attention: Spindle and spindle nut must be designed individually and ordered separately.

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Voltage 230 V~/50 Hz
Electric current 1.0 A
Switch-on current (factor) x 1.2
Motor power consumption 220 W
Drive output power approx. 60 W
Rated torque / Nominal torque / peak torque 5 Nm / 7 Nm short time
Idle running speed 134 RPM/min
Rated speed 120 RPM @ 5 Nm
Mode of operation 2,5 min on, 45 min off
Ambient temperature / humidity Operation: T = -10 °C to +60 °C / H max. 90%
Storage: T = -15 °C to +70 °C / dry, non-condensing
Operating temperature, motor Overheating protection with switch-off at approx. 110 °C
Protection class IP 40
Transmission ratio i drivetrain electric drive - spindle 1:1
External diameter D XX mm (Preferred variant 53 mm)
Speed of travel under nominal load 8 mm/s*
Max load peaks tensile-/compressive forces static 10,000 N

* in combination with spindle 20x4