• Drive system for large umbrellas 3062
  • Drive system for large umbrellas 3062
  • Drive system for large umbrellas 3062

Drive system for large umbrellas 3062


Electric motor drive system for integration into the central tubing system of the umbrella, consisting of motor, controller and gear. The drivetrain is designed for large push and pull forces and opens/closes the large umbrella effortlessly at the push of a button. The set also includes a hand crank for emergency operation as well as a single-channel remote control. The system can be adapted to the pole tube inner diameter (DXX > 53mm), if required by the customer.

Special features

  • Electric motor spindle drive, completely integrable in the pole tube
  • Transmission ratio of drivetrain, electric drive – spindle i = 1:1
  • Transmission ratio of drivetrain, crank – spindle i = 1:4
  • Maintenance-free
  • Flexibly adaptable to the customer needs:
    • External diameter (DXX > 53 mm), spindle length and spindle pitch

Technical notes

  • A rest of 15 minutes is necessary after switch-off due to overheating
  • If installed vertically, it is essential to protect the drive against dripping water from above
  • The hand crank may only be used as an emergency hand crank; the drive must be disconnected from the
    power supply system. The planetary gear of the motor can be damaged if the hand crank is moved too quickly.
  • Attention: Spindle systems with a spindle pitch of > 3 mm are no longer self-locking. Check the self-locking effect in the application!

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x electric motor spindle drive, consisting of motor incl. controller and gear
  • 1 x emergency hand crank with integrated ejection mechanism
  • 1 x single-channel remote control

Attention: Spindle and spindle nut must be designed individually and ordered separately.

Voltage 230 V~/50 Hz
Electric current 1.0 A
Switch-on current (factor) x 1.2
Motor power consumption 220 W
Drive output power approx. 60 W
Rated torque / Nominal torque / peak torque 5 Nm / 7 Nm short time
Idle running speed 134 RPM/min
Rated speed 120 RPM @ 5 Nm
Mode of operation S2 4 min
Ambient temperature / humidity Operation: T = -10 °C to +60 °C / H max. 90%
Storage: T = -15 °C to +70 °C / dry, non-condensing
Operating temperature, motor Overheating protection with switch-off at approx. 110 °C
Protection class IP 40
Transmission ratio i drivetrain electric drive - spindle 1:1
External diameter D XX mm (Preferred variant 53 mm)
Speed of travel under nominal load 8 mm/s*

* in combination with spindle 20x4