Crank lifting system
Ket-Twist 660 3053


Ket-Twist is a fast, double-telescoping, crank-operated lifting system for individually adjusting the working height of tables. The system allows a maximum stroke of 660 mm, requiring a minimal installation lenght of just 575 mm. Each turn of the crank lifts the table top about 40 mm. Ket-Twist 660 is designed for 2-leg table frames, which have a minimum of friction loss. It works smoothly and easily even with table loads of up to 40 kg.

Special features

  • Compact design: Maximum stroke with minimal installation length
  • Fast adjustment: Maximum height change with just 16.5 turns
  • Connection tube in customized length
  • Design fast and easy assembly
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Independent of electrical connections: Flexibility in the room arrangement

Technical notes

  • Optimum user comfort of the overall system can be only achieved by precise matching of the weight of the plate support, the table top and the guide columns as well as the friction loss of the guide. This coordination is necessary, because the characteristics of different table systems are always individual and must be taken into consideration in the system design.
  • Ket-Twist components must be ordered separately.
  • Upon request the lifting system can also be custom dimensioned, i.e. other lift and installation lengths are possible.
  • Table manufacturer is responsible for integration of the gas spring assembly.
  • Safety instruction: Gas springs can develope high acceleration forces. Please handle the assembly and this disassembly with care and diligence.

Stroke: 660 mm*
Retracted length E: 575 mm*
Recommended table load: 0 – 40 kg
Static self-locking: ≤ 120 kg
Adjustment path per revolution: 40 mm
Spindle pitch: 2 x 20 mm
Ratio: 1:1
Gas spring force: 2 x 250 N/ Hubeinheit

Crank lifting system Lifting unit (right and left identical) Gas spring assembly (each right and left) Connecting tube (Customized) Defelction gear with brake unit (Customized)
Installation length* 575 mm 560 mm L1 = a+4 L2 = b+4 65.5 mm + XXX
Item number 3053.00-0001 3053.16-0001 3052.40-V01LXXXX 3052.00-V02AXXX

* Other dimensiones can be manufactured on request