BLDC wheel hub motor i-Wheel 3213.00-2XXX

Direct drive - Benefits in a nutshell

  • No gearbox – no wear
  • Much longer service life compared to conventional drive technology with a gear stage
  • Excellent running properties with barely perceptible noise level
  • Safe operation due to permanent temperature monitoring
  • Ultra-compact with extremely high power density
  • Easy replacement of the the wheel coating on site possible thanks to the patented Ketterer solution

Safety first

  • Rotational control system using diverse redundancy
  • PL-d safety level achievable with suitable controller
  • Safe production processes, as there are no risks of contamination from gear oils and greases (no gearbox)

The choice is yours - we implement it

  • Encoder optional: BiSS, SSI, TTL incremental (various resolutions)
  • Brake optional: Spring-operated brake
  • Can be combined with various controllers
  • Customer-specific mechanical integration and system connection
Model 3213.00-2XXX i-Wheel-A-170-123
Rated voltage 48 VDC
Rated current1) 4.5 A
Rated torque1) 5 Nm
Rated speed1) 316 rpm
Max. speed at rated torque1) 10 km/h
Shaft power (output)1) 165 W
Idle running speed2) 450 rpm
No-load current2) 0.3 A
Achievable max. speed2) up to 14 km/h
Max. efficiency2) 82 %
Standstill torque2) 20 Nm
Starting current at idle speed2) 32 A
Torque constant2) 1.25 Nm/A
Speed constant2) 9.4 min-1V-1
Terminal resistance (phase to phase) 1.05 Ohm
Terminal inductance 7 mH
Rotor inertia 14,500 kgmm2
Max. radial axle load F3) 2,500 N
Max. axial axle load F3) 1,250 N
Number of magnets poles 32
Interconnection of the motor L63S4
Encoder type in standard Digital Halls + TTL magnetic incremental ABZ
Encoder resolution 4,096 cpr
Material of the coating Blickle Besthane 92 ±3 Shore A

1) Max. ambient temperature = 40 °C, controller-specific
2) At the nominal point (TU = 20°C), controller-specific
3) Radial and axial forces apply to the nominal service life L10h = 20,000h according to DIN ISO 281

Model 3213.00-2XXX i-Wheel-A-170-123
Braking torque 16 Nm
Power supply brake 24 VDC / 19.4 W
Power consumption brake 7 W through PWM Power reduction
Weight incl. brake 10,3 kg