Bevel gear with syncronous telescopicspindle 4115.00


Twofold telescopic lifting unit with bevel gear head for various linear drive solutions. Ideal for electromotive sit-stand workplace applications or wherever an infinite linear adjustment is required at a high speed, maximum stroke with a minimum installation dimension. The lifting unit is available in customized construction lengths.

Special features

  • Double speed through synchronous telescope design
  • Maximum stroke with minimum installation dimension
  • With gear head 3039 or 3045
  • Ratio 1:1
  • Drive torque on gear head : max. 4 Nm or 5.5 Nm
  • Hardened steel bevel wheels with robust, reinforced toothing
  • Ideal for electromotive drives
  • Available in different construction lengths
  • On request the version without central pipe connection is possible

Technical notes

  • The lifting units must be protected against lateral forces by a separate guide system.
  • Attention: The spindle systems with a spindle pitch > 3mm may not be self-locking. Check the self-locking effect in the application.
  • The lifting unit is only pressure loadable.
  • Incorrect dimensioning of the guide system can damage the lifting unit: Please note the design and safety instructions for spindle drives. You will find them at:

Model 4115.00-V01EXXXMXXX 4115.00-V02EXXXMXXX
Gear head 3045 3039
Ratio i= 1:1 i= 1:1
Input hex 6 mm hex 7 mm
Type of spindle SG20x10P2 RH SG10x10P2 RH SG20x10P2 RH SG10x10P2 RH
Travel path 20 mm/rotation synchronous spindle movement 20 mm/rotation synchronous spindle movement
Traverse speed* 40 mm/s 40 mm/s
Retracted length customized min. 485 mm, max. 560 mm customized min. 485 mm, max. 560 mm
Stroke* 656 mm 656 mm
Max. lifting force dynamic 800 N static 900 N dynamic 900 N static 900 N
Required drive torque 3.5 Nm 3.5 Nm
Max. drive torque gear head with several spindle units 4 Nm 5.5 Nm

* In connection with motor 3143.00-V0X and LogicData control box Compact-3