Bevel gear 3869 - 3872


Bevel gearboxes for the deflection of a rotary movement. Ideal for use as a transfer gearbox or ancillary gearbox for electric motors, e.g. for blinds or actuators in special mechanical engineering. Special bevel gear toothing ensures smooth running of the gearbox. The gearbox can be combined with any spindle. The modular structure of the gearbox allows special customer requests to be met even with small numbers of items.

Special features

  • Maintenance-free
  • Hardened, bearing seated steel gear cogs
  • Housing made of zinc die-casting
  • Ratio 1:1
  • Up to four inputs are possible
  • On require hex 6 mm, blind hole or through hole possible
  • Lifetime 20,000 load changes: bei 10 Nm, 110 U/min, with the duty cycle 30 s ON 240 s OFF and at + 25 °CHousing made of zinc die-casting

Technical notes

  • The drive side can be selected arbitrarily, see variants 3969,3870,3871,3872
  • Higher torques are possible at reduced speeds
Model 3869.00-1000 3870.00-1000 3871.00-1000 3872.00-1000
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Ratio 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1
Input hex 7 mm hex 7 mm hex 7 mm hex 7 mm
Output hex 7 mm hex 7 mm hex 7 mm hex 7 mm
Number of bevel gears 3 2 3 4
Max. drive torque 10 Nm 10 Nm 10 Nm 10 Nm
Housing material Zinc die-casting Zinc die-casting Zinc die-casting Zinc die-casting