Bathtub Doors for an easy entering

Special gears offer bathtub doors more functionality

Mobility and fitness today play an increasingly important role in the later years of life. This development is supported by modern technical aids. For people of restricted mobility, entering a bathtub using conventional aids very often has been difficult or even only possible with assistance.

In close cooperation with Ketterer, one of our customers has developed a concept for a bathtub that can be entered with ease. A door attached to the bathtub eases access.

The door is opened and closed with five Ketterer drives. Four drives with a special threaded spindle guarantee that the bathtub seals securely. A further Ketterer drive acts as an impulse drive, opening the door sideways via a fixed threaded spindle.

Ketterer gears fulfill their tasks reliably and efficiently, regardless of the challenge that task poses. See for yourself!