Adjustable Invalid Chairs

Special Drive Units in Invalid Chairs relieves the Burden on Nursing Staff

Innovations in the health-care sector increasingly relieve the burden on nursing staff. For example, the invalid chair makes their work far easier. Care patients in homes and hospitals can be transported or moved to different beds in comfort. In addition, the height and tilt of the seat can be varied for well adjusted training in standing up, as part of physiotherapy.

Ketterer has developed a quiet lift mechanism for fully variable height adjustment of such a chair. This is based on a special gearing system. The lift mechanism with its special design can withstand very high forces. The exclusive use of corrosion-resistant materials in the drive unit warrants a long service life.

This lift mechanism can be used in any situation demanding quiet movement and a long service life, even under difficult conditions with corrosion and wear. Just ask us about it and see for yourself!