More motivation thanks to a modern break room and lunch menu

Furtwangen, November 2020

More motivation thanks to a modern break room and lunch menu

Ketterer Antriebe has redesigned the break room for its employees with simple means. The result: a place where employees feel comfortable and enjoy being.

In 2019, German full-time employees spent an average of 41 hours a week at work (source: That is why it is important to offer appropriate places for a break in the company where employees can be creative and exchange ideas. The challenge for today's modern employer is therefore not only to convince with exciting tasks, development opportunities and good remuneration, but also to create attractive social spaces. Employers and employees benefit equally from this. Employees who are satisfied and feel good are more productive and motivated - a classic win-win situation.

Attractive break room design for positive employee wellbeing

Therefore, at the beginning of the year, Ketterer's focus was on redesigning the break room and the associated in-house catering offer. As part of the redesign, the ceilings were suspended and the lighting optimized. The floor covering was completely renovated and new tables, chairs and gabions for spatial separation were purchased - all in the Ketterer look. The result is a modern, comfortable staff room with a well thought-out lighting concept, which also offers lunch catering a sensible structure.

Comfortable staff room with a well thought-out lighting concept
New tables, chairs and new floors - everything in the Ketterer look

Healthy eating habits in the workplace too

A healthy diet is also important for the well-being of employees. Regular meals prevent low performance, provide energy and sharpen concentration. For some time now, Ketterer has been offering a lunchtime menu in cooperation with the "Menu Manufactory Hofmann", thereby supporting its employees with healthy eating. Every employee has their own access to the homepage of the "Menu-Manufaktur Hofmann". All dishes can be viewed here and ordered with a click of the mouse. If a dish is not available, you can put it on a wish list. Future food deliveries will be ordered based on this wish list. The meal request must be sent by 10:45 a.m. so that the meal is prepared by 12:00 p.m. The cost of the meal is paid in retrospect with the pay slip. This means that every employee has the opportunity to get a warm lunch inexpensively and without much effort. The staff themselves decide which dishes are available through surveys and evaluations. Regular seasonal changes of dishes prevent monotony.

Responsibility for lunch in the hands of the employees

The organization and preparation of the lunch menu is the responsibility of a catering team made up of Ketterer employees. Here, too, both sides benefit: the employer can be sure that the lunch menu is reliably carried out by their own employees. The employees, who were intensively trained by a Hofmann employee before their first assignment, receive insights into a wide range of areas of activity outside their actual job. You experience appreciation - not only from your employer, but also from your colleagues.


Ketterer is aware that the company's success largely depends on its employees. That is why, today and in the future, we rely on a working environment with the greatest possible safety and promote measures for your health and well-being.

 The catering team at Ketterer

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