Hand control for controller Compact and motor cables


Ketterer‘s range of accessories off ers a large selection of hand switches in various designs, with or without display, with simple or touch buttons and various motor cables to suit the respective Ketterer drives.

Special features

  • Stepless adjustment
  • User-defined and application-oriented control of your stepless adjustment
  • Can be used with the Compact controller and all Ketterer motor drives

Technical notes

  • Hand switches with touch function require the Compact controller with firmware Version 1.9
  • For stroke programming or changing the travel on site a hand switch with display is always required
Motor cable For use with drives
4138.53-01 / length 1 m
4138.53-02 / length 2 m
4630, 4773
3122.53-02 / length 1,75 m 4643, 3120, 3121, 3122, 3133.48
Hand switch Discription
3143.47-50/ HSU-C-FL-SM-LD Switch with display and four memory positions, stroke heights and two up-down buttons, free programmable
3143.47-48/ TOUCH-FX-MDF-KM-LD Switch with display and four memory positions, with touch & click function
3143.47-30/ HSM-OD-2-LD Simple hand control, up-down
3143.47-42/ TOUCH-Basic-UD-2-LD Simple hand control up-down, with touch function
3143.47-0003/ Receiver, remote control RF remote control consisting of RF receiver, remote control (including battery and mounting screws), and manual

* Further details under http://www./logicdata.at