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 Crank lifting system Ket-Twist 660 3053 Double telescopic
Ket-Twist is a fast, double-telescoping, crank-operated lifting system for individually adjusting the working height of tables. The system allows a maximum stroke of 660 mm, requiring a minimal installation lenght of just 575 mm. Each turn of the crank lifts the table top about 40 mm. Ket-Twist 660 is designed for 2-leg table frames, which have a minimum of friction loss. It works smoothly and easily even with table loads of up to 40 kg.
Special features
▪ Compact design: Maximum stroke with minimal installation length
▪ Fast adjustment: Maximum height change with just 16.5 turns
▪ Connection tube in customized length
▪ Design fast and easy assembly
▪ Quick, easy assembly
▪ Independent of electrical connections:
Flexibility in the room arrangement
 Variant key
3052.40-V01 3052.40-V02
660 mm* 575 mm* 0 – 40 kg ≤ 120 kg 40 mm
2 x 20 mm
2 x 250 N/ Hubeinheit
Length of connecting tube: XXXX in mm
Length of axis: XXX in mm
    Technical data
Retracted length E: Recommended table load: Static self-locking:
Adjustment path per revolution: Spindle pitch:
Gas spring force:
      Crank lifting system
Lifting unit (right and left identical)
Gas spring assembly (each right and left)
Connecting tube (Customized)
Defelction gear with brake unit (Customized)
         Installation length* Item number
3053.00-0001 3053.16-0001
65.5 mm + XXX 3052.00-V02AXXX
575 mm
560 mm
L1 = a+4 L2 = b+4
      * Other dimensiones can be manufactured on request

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