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 Hand control for controller Compact and motor cables
Technical data
4138.53-01/ Length 1 m 4138.53-02/ Length 2 m
3122.53-02/ Length 1,75 m
3143.47-44/ HSU-C-FL 3143.47-43/ TOUCH fx
3143.47-30/ HSM-OD-2-LD 3143.47-42/ TOUCH-basic-DN
3143.47-0003/ Receiver, remote control
4630, 4773
4643, 3120, 3121, 3122, 3133.48
Ketterer‘s range of accessories offers a large selection of hand switches in various designs, with or without display, with simple or touch buttons and various motor cables to suit the respective Ketterer drives.
Special features
 ▪ ▪
Stepless adjustment
User-defined and application-oriented control of your stepless adjustment
Can be used with the Compact controller and all Ketterer motor drives
 Motor cable
 For use with drives
     Hand switch
 Switch with display and four memory positions,
stroke heights and two up-down buttons, free programmable
Switch with display and four memory positions, with touch & click function
Simple hand control, up-down
Simple hand control up-down, with touch function
                RF remote control consisting of RF receiver, remote control (including battery and mounting screws), and manual
       * Further details under http://www./

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