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 TV-Lift „Ket-Screen Lift L“ Set consisting of: 1x Control box Compact-3 in required power supply
▪ Controlled via manual switch
▪ Connection for anti-pinch system
▪ Dimensions: 264 x 103 x 37 mm
1x Power cable
▪ 3-pin Schuko - Europe (for variants LS0X) or alternatively
▪ 3-pin plug - USA (for variants LS1X)
Further power cables on the „Compact Controller“ page in
the „Accessories“ chapter
1x Motor cable
▪ Standard variants (LL02 and LL12): The cable is integrated in the motor
▪ High load variants (LL01 and LL11):
Two motor cables (approx. 2 m long) are attached
1x RF remote control
▪ Consisting of RF reseiver, remote control (including battery) and manual
Hand control with cable can be ordered separately on the page “Hand controls and motor cables”
in the “Accessories” chapter.
Pin assignment
Motor, respectively motor cable at LL01/LL11
Adjustment screw
2 pieces incl. nut
adjustment range: max. 75 mm
           56 78
43 21
Technical notes
4. Motor black - 8. Motor blue +
2. Hall sensor red +5V
1. Hall sensor violet, output 1 3, 7. Hall sensor black -
5. Hall sensor green, output 2
          ▪ Safety instructions
Please take attention to crushing points when installing in a housing.
▪ Attention: In case of repair the TV lift unit must always be returned together with the control unit
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