KET-LIFT4BOX – Electric lifter for KLT boxes and blister


Our new electric lifter KET-LIFT4BOX is a compact, powerful and easy-to-use solution for efficient lifting of boxes and crates in warehouses, workshops and production facilities.

KET-LIFT4BOX is suitable for heavy loads in demanding environments. Thanks to its automatic, electric lifting function, it contributes to employee relief and shortened reach distances. This makes it the optimal assistant for improved material supply and a healthier, more productive working environment.

Special features

  • Suitable for front loading up to 120 kg
  • Ergonomic working thanks to stepless electrical container positioning manually via buttons on the column or automatic operation with light barriers
  • Working height adjustable
  • High stability thanks to solid base plate, which can be fixed to the ground via holes if required
  • Transport rollers and safe handles for mobile use
  • Maintenance-free

Automatic operation:

In automatic mode, KET-LIFT4BOX takes over the lifting and lowering of loads fully automatically, making everyday work easier. The working position can be adjusted effortlessly and without tools using light barriers. As soon as a box is removed from the stack, the KET- LIFT4BOX skillfully raises the next box exactly to the previous level, ensuring a continuous working surface. On the other hand, when a crate is added to the stack, the KET-LIFT4BOX lowers it precisely to the previously set level, enabling optimized material provision.

Maximum load capacity approx. 120 kg
Adjustment speed 20 mm/s
Dimensions (W x D x H) 560 x 640 x 1,125 mm
Working height 115 to 1,100 mm, other heights available upon request
Total adjustment height 995 mm
Own weight approx. 55 kg
Operation via push button on the column or in automatic mode