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  Connecting tube 3051.40-V01LXXXX
  Manual actuator with Bowden cable 3051.49-0001
3051.00-V01H500F200 Set consisting of
2 x Lifting unit
Technical notes
▪ Optimum user comfort of the overall system
can be only achieved by precise matching of the weight of the plate support, the table top and the guide columns as well as the friction loss of the guide. This coordination is necessary, because the characteristics of different table systems are always individual and must be taken into consi- deration in the system design.
▪ The set 3051.00-V01H500F200 contains 2 lifting units (right and left) and the assembly instruc- tions. Further components of the lifting system must be ordered separately.
▪ Upon request the lifting system can also be cus- tom dimensioned, i.e. other lift and installation lengths are possible.
▪ Safety instruction:
The gas spring develops large acceleration forces unless these are counteracted by a correspon- ding counter- weight designed into the table. The brakes must not be released unless there is an adequate counterweight to slow the movement of the gas spring.
  Lifting Systems Table / Screen

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