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 t-Rex-I-44-89 3200
14-pol BLDC engine with high-performance neodymium magnets, also equipped with two analog hall sensors to detect the rotor position. The electrical connections are designed as a plug-in system, while additional power electronics are required to operate the motor.
One model has a hollow shaft. That gives you the chance to bring some media (liquid, air, ...) through the motor to the front side. The second model is equipped with a shaft, with the chance to adapt the movement on both sides of the motor.
Special features
▪ Designed for high torque
▪ Excellent overload resistance
▪ Optimal as a direct-drive system or a generator for
gearless applications
▪ On request, can be manufactured with other windings
▪ A precise design and production of the engine at a given
operating point is also possible
 Technical data
Voltage range
Rated voltage
Rated current
Rated torque
Rated speed
Rated power (output) Max. efficiency
Idle speed Starting torque
12 V to 48 V 36 V
2.5 A 0.55 Nm 1,100 rpm 65 W
74 % 1,350 rpm 2.1 Nm
 Model 3200.00-0002/0003
3200 .75-02/20181029

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