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 KuLi - electrical short stroke actuator Description
       Technical data
stroke length / Max. travel path Spindle pitch
Max. thrust-/tensile forces Max. speed load-free
Max. holding force (static) Supply voltage
Max. current consumption Power consumption
Compact and fast electrically operated linear drive.
The drive is particularly suitable for use in automation and conveying technology, where it can replace pneumatic cylinders.
Special features
▪ Compact design:
We achieve a stroke of 40 mm with a housing length of just 67 mm
▪ Powerful and dynamic:
Thrust/tensile forces up to 300 N, speed up to 445 mm/s
▪ Easy parameterization:
User friendly software and connect-box
▪ Integrated control:
Configuration and teach-in of the system without expert knowledge
▪ Maintenance-free Variant key
The KuLi short-stroke linear drive is available in different variants:
A variant with an anti-twist device and a variant with a thrust rod. The mechanical connection as well as the plug position can be selected to suit the application. Stroke speed, stroke force and stroke length are individually adjustable.
40 mm 6 mm 300 N 445 mm/s 500 N
24 V DC +10 %/ -25% 10 A
240 W
 Model KuLi
               Resolution of the encoder system
 +/- 0,15 mm
  +/- 0,2 mm
 IP protection class
IP 54 (thrust rod only)
 IP 24 (with anti-twist device)
  Ambient temperature
+5 bis +42° C
 Life time without load
  20 Mio. Cycles*
  * One cycle= extend-pause-retract-pause

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